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Since 2019

About Yakhikamva

Yakhikamva School Social Work Services is a fully registered Non – Profit and public benefit organisation that was established in 2019 and is based in East London, in the province of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. We strive to support for the continuity of education as our priority strategy in dealing with psychosocial challenges.

A framework for education response is development including a clear description of the problem and a documented strategy for action. The organisation tend to create partnership with many stakeholders that work within the space of education.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Yakhikamva School Social Work’s mission is to:


Provide transformative collaborative learning that embraces the values of social inclusion and promote enhanced quality of life for individuals and communities


Provide quality and professional services to our partners


Create and cultivate long-term relationships with our funders and partners



Maintain professional relationships by encouraging ongoing communication to achieve the highest standard of performance.



Our Mission

Fostering the growth of all learners in a school and to fulfill their potential by contributing towards the major purposes of the school


Our Values

At Yakhikamva we adhere to the following values:




Transparence and accountability


Gender sensitiveness



Our Philosophy

At Yakhikamva School Social Work Organisation we take pride that our organisation was formed with one premise in mind, and that is to bring a degree of experience, dedication, and professionalism in every space we are working in. We aspire to be ahead of the competition when quality and performance are evaluated.

Our Team

Our Board Members

Professor J. Kheswa

Professor J. Kheswa


Professor. J. Kheswa
Head of Department, Department of Psychology, University of Fort Hare

Mr. M. Mpiyane

Deputy Chairperson

Practice lecturer/ Fieldwork coordinator, Department of Social work and Social Development, University of Fort Hare

Ms. N. Kolo


Educator, Richard Varha Senior Secondary School

Dr. V.P.P Lupuwana

Vice Secretary

Senior Lecturer, Department of Social Work and Social Development, University of Fort Hare

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